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private dining room

Sustain: (v) preserve; support; nourish.

Food reaches to the very baseness that is our physical body on this earth, the core of the human condition. As the only other indigenous American cuisine, Southern food can help to inform the growing conversations around California Cuisine. Southern Cuisine is deeply agrarian but burdened with a history of racism and imperialism. And yet, there is no "high-brow" or "low-brow" Southern food -- everyone eats the same whether black, white, rich, or poor. This is one of the brightest glimmers of sameness where there is often such division.

In a time when San Francisco is seeing great shifts in equality and voice, perhaps the Southern table has something to offer.

To sustain the earth, the body, and the community is the central focus of Private Dining Room. As Californians, we wish to participate in the preservation of the land. As San Franciscans, we wish to support the individual in both livelihood and nutrition. As Southerners, we hope to offer further meaning to the role of cuisine in society.

PDR is a yearlong project exploring what it means to be sustainable. Sustainable from farm to cook to neighborhood. 

We invite you to join our conversation.


what to expect

Our food is decidedly Californian. Our methods are global. But, our table is always about Southern Hospitality.

Private Dining Room will be highlighting local produce and seasonality utilizing small plates and many courses. Our next supper date will be released soon, if you'd like to be notified please sign up for the guest list. We have a suggested donation of $95 per person which includes beverages. Anything donated above $95 goes directly to our community partner, Larkin Street Youth Services. Dinner will last around 3 hours with cocktails beginning at 6:30. Please be on time as late comers will not be seated due to our time constraints and to avoid disrupting other guests. There is a $50 seat fee per person for those on the guest list who fail to attend.

If you have any questions concerning dietary restrictions or aversions, please include them in your initial reservation email. We seek to accommodate wherever possible, however, due to the temporary nature of our event we are not able to offer alternate courses for all restrictions. 

Come as you are. And, come hungry.


where to find us

We are currently being hosted by the fine folks at Huxley, 846 Geary St., between Larkin and Hyde. Street parking is available and the 38 Muni stops around the corner at O'Farrell and Larkin.


846 Geary St. | San Francisco | 94109

hosted by Huxley