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photo by Mackenzie anne smith

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private dining room

Sustain: (v) preserve; support; nourish.

As culture creators, we see that social change is often born in back rooms and speakeasies where innovation and inspiration are found through community and artistic expression. The team at Private Dining Room seeks to cultivate this space by inviting you to join us at the table.

Private Dining Room began in 2016 as a yearlong project exploring what it means to sustainable. We found that in a time when San Francisco is seeing great shifts in equality and voice, sustainability needed to go far beyond farm to table. That’s why our motto has become farm to neighborhood. Responsible business means not only concerning ourselves with how we source our ingredients or how we care for our employees, it means we also tend to the people and the places that immediately surround us. We are proud to have partnered with Larkin Street Youth Services and to continue our commitment to furthering our relationships with our community partners.

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what to expect

Our food is decidedly Californian. Our methods are global. But, as we learned from our grandmothers, our table is always about Southern Hospitality.

Private Dining Room will be highlighting local produce and seasonality utilizing small plates and many courses. Our next supper date and time will be released soon, if you'd like to be notified please sign up for the guest list. We are donation only. We ask that you pay what you believe the experience is worth. A portion of our proceeds go towards our community partner; most recently we raised over two-thousand dollars for Larkin Street Youth Services, a local organization that assists homeless and at-risk-youth in our neighborhood to find stable housing and access to medical care and education.

If you have any questions concerning dietary restrictions or aversions, please include them in your initial reservation email. We seek to accommodate wherever possible, however, due to the temporary nature of our event we are not able to offer alternate courses for all restrictions. 

Come as you are. And, come hungry.

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where to find us

We are located in San Francisco. Once you have been placed on the guest list, you will receive an email with directions on how to find us.

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